Richard Noll’s Intro to The Jung Cult

This will be a quick run-through of Noll’s introduction in his book, The Jung Cult, a book which purports to demonstrate that Jung’s followers are members of a cult, and that we do not understand just how much Jung was a product of his times and not as original as all that. Noll will attemptContinue reading “Richard Noll’s Intro to The Jung Cult”

Noll’s The Jung Cult and the Modern World’s Spiritual Crisis

I’ve been away for a while from posting anything here. Various reasons, not all of which I can go into right now. One reason, probably, the most important was that the books I have been reading are long and need a lot of intellectual and psychological “digestion”, as it were. Limeys tells the story ofContinue reading “Noll’s The Jung Cult and the Modern World’s Spiritual Crisis”

“Intermezzo 2”: My Favorite Supplements for the Brain

Ah, yes! The supplements for the brain. Some of the most useful and convincing regarding the value of supplements. After the supplements, I will talk a bit about Alzheimer’s Disease and how supplements help slow its onset. Choline. In Intermezzo I, I talked about the value of DMAE, a precursor of choline and a surfactantContinue reading ““Intermezzo 2”: My Favorite Supplements for the Brain”

Vit C: “Intermezzo 1”: Favorite Supplements & FDA Overreach

My Favorite Supplements. “Intermezzo”. Basically, “intermission” in Italian. Going to the movies in Rome, yes, that was the first time the film I was watching got interrupted so a guy could go around the theater selling ice cream and popcorn. Was a hoot! LAG-TIME. I will deal with the specifics of the *lag-time* and theContinue reading “Vit C: “Intermezzo 1”: Favorite Supplements & FDA Overreach”

Me, Thee, and Vitamin C

There is a tremendous paradigm shift underway regarding medicine, preventive medicine, in particular. The focus of this is seen most clearly in the field of nutrition. For me, the best example of this paradigm shift (now a full-blown clash) would be the controversy over Vitamin C. First, a quick overview of American health. This helpsContinue reading “Me, Thee, and Vitamin C”

Paradigm Shift II

What is a paradigm? Well, gee, maybe we should have covered this first. This, however, is the academic “shoe”  dropping. The first “shoe” , Paradigm Shift I,  covered the idea as we experience it. All about “the forest and the trees”, or, in other words, the relationship between abstract generalizations and concrete phenomenon, and, secondarily,Continue reading “Paradigm Shift II”

Paradigm Shift I

“It’s all about the forest and the trees.” The first time I heard the expression I was somewhat insulted because I understood that the teacher had just implied that I couldn’t see what was obvious because the obvious facts of the situation somehow blocked me from seeing the obvious relationship… I wasn’t quite that articulate.Continue reading “Paradigm Shift I”

One More Proverbial Straw Cont. (IIIb)….EDTA

Part 3. Foundation for a Paradigm Shift As soon as I moved to the East Bay in the early ’70s, I got that exposure to the anti-establishment point of view regarding diet and nutrition. Antioxidants. UC Berkeley was one of the centers of investigation of the whole antioxidant aging theory.  A newly-minted PhD in PhysiologyContinue reading “One More Proverbial Straw Cont. (IIIb)….EDTA”

One More Proverbial Straw- Intro III

This blog will be divided into four parts. I will publish Part 1 and Part 2 first. This blog is about heart disease, more specifically, arteriosclerosis, and, EDTA and chelation therapy, a therapy that I have seen first-hand that can remove fatty plaques from inside arteries and how the medical establishment views this therapy andContinue reading “One More Proverbial Straw- Intro III”

And We Continue (II)…

Now, there are two aspects of science and medicine that I want to get right into from the first blog. The first one would be general information regarding this specific aspect of men’s health. The prostate. Prevention. Treatment. Effect on longevity. Controversy. We will do that. “Everything you wanted to know about your prostate butContinue reading “And We Continue (II)…”