“Intermezzo 2”: My Favorite Supplements for the Brain

Ah, yes! The supplements for the brain. Some of the most useful and convincing regarding the value of supplements. After the supplements, I will talk a bit about Alzheimer’s Disease and how supplements help slow its onset. Choline. In Intermezzo I, I talked about the value of DMAE, a precursor of choline and a surfactantContinue reading ““Intermezzo 2”: My Favorite Supplements for the Brain”

One More Proverbial Straw Cont. (IIIb)….EDTA

Part 3. Foundation for a Paradigm Shift As soon as I moved to the East Bay in the early ’70s, I got that exposure to the anti-establishment point of view regarding diet and nutrition. Antioxidants. UC Berkeley was one of the centers of investigation of the whole antioxidant aging theory.  A newly-minted PhD in PhysiologyContinue reading “One More Proverbial Straw Cont. (IIIb)….EDTA”