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The Left’s Paranoia re “We, the People” & Why They See Us as “anti-Democratic”

Going to be rewritten in my next blog….Sorry! The symbiotic group is always based on egocentrism, on the neurotic override of the Self. Leads to being “co-dependent”, ie, the worship of some exterior entity that represents the higher power aspect of the psyche within one’s self, but, not available or walled off and difficult to…

Richard Noll’s Intro to The Jung Cult

This will be a quick run-through of Noll’s introduction in his book, The Jung Cult, a book which purports to demonstrate that Jung’s followers are members of a cult, and that we do not understand just how much Jung was a product of his times and not as original as all that. Noll will attempt…

Noll’s The Jung Cult and the Modern World’s Spiritual Crisis

I’ve been away for a while from posting anything here. Various reasons, not all of which I can go into right now. One reason, probably, the most important was that the books I have been reading are long and need a lot of intellectual and psychological “digestion”, as it were. Limeys tells the story of…

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