One More Proverbial Straw Cont. (IIIb)….EDTA

Part 3. Foundation for a Paradigm Shift As soon as I moved to the East Bay in the early ’70s, I got that exposure to the anti-establishment point of view regarding diet and nutrition. Antioxidants. UC Berkeley was one of the centers of investigation of the whole antioxidant aging theory.  A newly-minted PhD in PhysiologyContinue reading “One More Proverbial Straw Cont. (IIIb)….EDTA”

One More Proverbial Straw- Intro III

This blog will be divided into four parts. I will publish Part 1 and Part 2 first. This blog is about heart disease, more specifically, arteriosclerosis, and, EDTA and chelation therapy, a therapy that I have seen first-hand that can remove fatty plaques from inside arteries and how the medical establishment views this therapy andContinue reading “One More Proverbial Straw- Intro III”