Noll’s The Jung Cult and the Modern World’s Spiritual Crisis

I’ve been away for a while from posting anything here. Various reasons, not all of which I can go into right now. One reason, probably, the most important was that the books I have been reading are long and need a lot of intellectual and psychological “digestion”, as it were. Limeys tells the story ofContinue reading “Noll’s The Jung Cult and the Modern World’s Spiritual Crisis”

And We Continue (II)…

Now, there are two aspects of science and medicine that I want to get right into from the first blog. The first one would be general information regarding this specific aspect of men’s health. The prostate. Prevention. Treatment. Effect on longevity. Controversy. We will do that. “Everything you wanted to know about your prostate butContinue reading “And We Continue (II)…”

Welcome to the Contrary Warrior Health Blog

What has prompted me to create this blog site? This blog site is a response to something much bigger than a single straw which broke this (my) camel’s back. There have been a whole series of “straws”, and, in future blogs, I will go into all of them. But, let’s start at the most recentContinue reading “Welcome to the Contrary Warrior Health Blog”